39 Tuxen St Balwyn


Luxury House

Commence June 2019


Metal batten wall

Skylight plaster finished

Decorative cornice

Plaster finished bulkhead

Suspended ceiling for internal ceiling

Curved wall plaster finished

Cairnlea Buddhist Community Care Centre


Commence May 2019


R2.5 Class wool insulation

R4.0 Ceiling insulation

28mm Furring channel batten

Suspended ceiling / Ceiling adjustment

Acoustic insulation

38 Madeline St Glen Iris

New House

Completed April 2018

High end luxury plastering finished

Feature design metal frame bulkhead

Premium cornice installation

Suspended ceiling for internal ceiling

Tintern Grammar

New Building and Extension

Completed Jan 2019

High end finished perforated plasterboard

Directly expose to window

Plasterboard curved wall and ceiling

Suspended ceiling system

18 Grandview Rd Boxhill South

3 Units Townhouse

Completed Jan 2018

Feature cornice throughout ceiling

Laser level batten

Skylight plaster around staircase ceiling

Ezy jam door system

Acoustic insulation